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 ​No Matter where you fish in Saltwater, ​Anywhere in the World, Tunz@Flyz has got you covered!​

​Tunz of Saltwater Fly Patterns available.. ​
​Tied on Mustad,  Gamakatsu, and Owner Hooks...​ ​
Deceivers, Gold Bombers, Things/Whistlers, Shrimp/Prawn Imitations, Merkins, Tarpon Toads, Christmas Island Bonefish Flies, Pelagic Tube Flies, Surf Candies, Gurglers, Mantis Shrimps, Squid Patterns, Clousers, Crazy Charlies, Gotchas, Bread Flies, Gusto's, Lots of Bait Fish Patterns and Many More Fly Styles to choose from!.​ ​

I can also provide you with Water and Salt proof fly boxes, and​ customize  packs for you!​

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Do You ​Love Your Saltwater Fly Fishing?​​

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This Is Fly...The Global Journal of Saltwater Fly Fishing...​

Why not share your fishing experiences with other like minded people from

all over the globe.​

​​​This Tunz@Flyz Site is purely a showcase of some of what I have to offer. It's not a selling site, at least not yet, ​If you would like to​ explore all my flies in much greater detail, please visit my Tunz@Flyz Page on Facebook and become a page fan.


I ​regularly service.. Wholesale, Retail, Private, Charter Boats and Guides, I custom tie all my flies to your specific order requirements and supply to many markets Nationally and Internationally. Come and visit me soon
                                                                                                                                                     Tight Lines, James.
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Exmouth in Western Australia

Hervey Bay in Queensland

Darwin in the Northern Territory

Port Macquarie in New South Wales
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